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Today is the 36th anniversary of Chiune`s death.

It has been 36 years since Chiune Sugihara died today. It overlaps with Japan's lost 30 years. Chiune died at a hospital in Kamakura City on July 31, 1986, and was 86 years old.

During World War II, Chiune was active especially in Europe as a diplomat to protect Japan's national interests. He saved many people at the risk of his own life.

Russia-Ukrainian War began in February this year and it is said that we already entered World War III. Chiune Sugihara may be deeply disappointed when he sees the current situation in Japan, which lacks national philosophies, inconsistent policies, and drifts in this crisis. Major media still take peace for granted and broadcast comedy shows and COVID-19 news.

It is the mission of the Japanese people to create the "peaceful world without war" that he wanted.

This foundation will tell the world what Mr. Chiune Sugihara has accomplished and what can we do for world peace.



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