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During the Second World War, Chiune Sugihara, who served as consul at the Japanese consulate of  Lithuania's extraordinary capital Kaunas, issued transit visas through Japan to the Jewish refugees who were persecuted by the

Nazi Germany issued a transit Japan visa to displaced people displaced by the persecution of the Soviet Union and saved thousands of lives.

Mr. Chiune, who left the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs shortly after the war, issued a visa, saying, "Before I did things as a person."

I didn't say much about it. However, the former Jewish refugees saved by him 20 years later

It was finally found, and after that, it was commended for its humanitarian acts by many countries and institutions including Israel.

On the other hand, the name of Chiune Sugihara began to be generally known in Japan around the year 2000 when the second half of the war was over.

As a result, false information and understanding about Chiune Sugihara's work have spread.

Shinki Sugihara, the fourth son of Chiune Sugihara, was concerned about this situation and expressed his intention to "correctly and faithfully convey Chiune's achievements," and we agreed with this. This time, we have decided to establish the "Sugihara Chiune Memorial Foundation".

​The foundation of this foundation is to promote the peace and well-being of society by properly communicating Chiune Sugihara's achievements and the expression of his humanitarianism.

October 1, 2018


Hiroshi Matsumoto

Recently, I am very pleased as my son that my father, Chiune Sugihara, has become widely known to everyone, and the number of people who understand its behavior is increasing. However, on the other hand, in exhibitions, published books, movies, stage etc.

I often see false indications and things that are not true, and I am very worried as a son who lives with my father and sees by my side.

Especially, the father of heaven may be confused that the birthplace of his father is different and that he writes about things that he does not write.

In addition, many people use their father's name to run for their own interests such as making money, and even as they have seen him,

You can't forgive resentment.

​This time, the “Sugihara Chiune Memorial Foundation” was established with the efforts of Mr. Hiroshi Matsumoto, intellectuals and researchers.

It was. Through this research, the foundation correctly conveys his father's achievements and widely recognizes the humanitarian principles he practiced.

The purpose of this activity is.

I correct the faithfulness of the father and the untrue appearance of the father who have been fabricated so far, in order to honor his father, and to make the true Chiune Sugihara

I would like you to know, but I would like to work together with the members of the Foundation.

Finally, I would like to ask all of you for your understanding and cooperation in the activities of this foundation.

October 1, 2018

Honorary Advisor Nobuki Sugihara

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