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Executive introduction

Zen Garden

Hiroshi Matsumoto

Representative Director

Representative Director, Chiune Sugihara Memorial Foundation. President and CEO of API Consultants Co., Ltd. Established with Nobuki to support the humanitarian activities that Chiune Sugihara set a standard.

Zen Garden

Nobuki Sugihara

Honorary Advisor

The fourth son of Chiune Sugihara. Honorary advisor to the Chiune Sugihara Memorial Foundation. He pointed out various points that are different from the facts, and established the foundation with Hiroshi from a strong desire to convey his true appearance as a normal father before becoming a hero.

Executive introduction

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​Katsuyuki Nakazawa


62nd Kamakura City Council Chairman

Chairman of the Society to Honor Chiune Sugihara

Hot spring equipment・Hygiene management ・Management of hot spring inns,etc.

Run a general consulting company for hot springs.

Executive introduction

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Yasuo Sento


Outside director of Nihon Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Visiting professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Musashino University.

Representative Director of IFM Japan Co., Ltd.

(IFM = Insight Financial Marketing)

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